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Interitio reviews White Knight Chronicles (PS3)

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Interitio said...

My opinion: Leave it on the shelf.

White knight chronicles is a RPG genre video game that was released by Level - 5 and SCE Japan Studio in February 2010. I picked up this game at my local games store and thought I would try it out, as although I've read a few bad reviews on it, I am indeed a fan of the genre. I take it home, install it, and start to play.
The first thing one comes across in the game is the lovely character creation menu. I really enjoyed how easy it was to use this feature, but I do also wish that they showed some normal height people before you made it, as my character turned into a giant freak of nature.
Right after you spend half an hour creating your character and your ready to jump into the game; You find yourself watching an almost hours worth of cut scenes. As a fan of RPG's, I really enjoyed how they took their time to set up the story line, but it took way too long, I left and ate dinner only to return to the scenes still playing.
When you eventually get to the tutorial of the game, I found that the fighting system was slow, annoying, and pretty thoughtless. Just program one of the character to heal, and they'll heal everyone. Just keep doing damage with your character and you'll level up in no time.
The skill points system in the game was fun. You can have a character master every skill class in the game if you took the time to level up enough. I don't like being stuck with one tittle, so I had a blast switching classes mid-game.
The story line needs some major help, that's all I'm going to say in regards to the story.

I have two major pet peeves about this game
1) Your actual character is barely part of the story and you don't even have to use them in any part other than the tutorial.
2) The game just set you up as if to say "Hey, you wasted your time and money on this game, but be sure to buy the next game cause it will at least tell you what the hell happened."

Three things I enjoyed about the game are:
1) Good character customization
2) Fun skill point administration
3) The supporting characters

So, 3 points go to the good, 2 to the bad. I rate this game 3 stars.

Game Traits applied to White Knight Chronicles (PS3) by Interitio

  • The Setting:
    Fantasy world
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White Knight Chronicles

White Knight Chronicles (PS3)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 24/FEB/10
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